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What GoGirl Workshop
Participants Say

“Kudos to Marlee for facilitating an extraordinary experience. She inspires, supports and collaborates, nurturing what is most important: women’s words. I am blessed to be part of her circle.”

“Marlee has great eyes. She sees into people’s hearts because she listens with her own heart. I appreciate her candidness, sometimes tough, but always loving. Always.”

“What Marlee writes always arrives each week as a glorious and unexpected benediction.”
~ Melody

“Marlee is an inspiration, a challenge to go deep to those raw places and mine them for the treasures they may hold.  Her encouragement and keen insight has been a great aid.”
~ Barbara

“I was surprised at how much Marlee gave of herself and how much affection she showered on every person in our class.”

GoGirl WorkshopsGoGirl Coach
GoGirl Workshops for Life Transitions and the Writing Life

Workshops are available in person, online, or via teleconference. Marlee is also available in the Northwest to present a customized keynote address to your community group, professional organization, girlfriend getaway, association luncheon or retreat. To book engagements or for more information, contact marlee@gogirlcoach.com.

Reinvent Dorothy  
Jilted Babes
Eldercare: Who Cares?
Writers Who Rock

GoGirl Workshop 1: Reinvent Dorothy
Available as a weekend (five sessions) or condensed one day workshop (three sessions).

Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Map your life and gifts.
Define your persona and passion.

We’re Not in Kansas Anymore
Discerning life seasons and twists in the path.
In pursuit of poise and purpose.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road
Crossroads dilemmas: when the way back is not an option.
Calling upon what’s soulful and spirited.

I’ll Get You My Pretty!
Things that go bump in the night: reframing what’s scary.
Using your brain, heart, and nerve.

There's No Place Like Home.
Get off the periphery of life.
Re-imagine your power and possibility.

GoGirl Workshop 2:  Jilted Babes, a Sassy Place to Get Better, Not Bitter
Jilted Babes is for those who are surviving divorce or the death of a dream in relationship. Based on Marlee’s book, When He Leaves, Learning to Live, Laugh and Love Again, co-authored with Kari West [Harvest House Publishers], we …

share support and practical tips on how to reinvent the experience.
get savvy on what to do when he leaves; find the attitude to reach a new altitude.
simplify and clarify when the way back is no longer an option.
live with purpose until you laugh at the things that once broke your heart.
connect with a network of beautiful single-again women, now red-shoe strollin’.

GoGirl Workshop 3: Eldercare: Who Cares?
This workshop is in development at this time, based on Marlee and her family’s experience caring for her father and mother, including Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Marlee has studied this topic, written numerous articles and edited several books on eldercare. Her desire is to help smooth and facilitate this often painful process for others: where to find help when you haven’t a clue, what works to mediate hopelessness into redemptive perspective, how to cope when quirky behaviors and circumstances get the best of you all.

GoGirl Workshops 4-7: Writers Who Rock
Writing the Sacred Questions, Finding Their Power to Change You
Our elemental quest as human beings is not just to know ourselves or to be true to ourselves, but to fall in love as if life itself were the lover. In this workshop you’ll learn to use the art of asking your own sacred questions as a way to identify what you want, where you need to go, and what’s been holding you back.

Writing as Pilgrimage, Travel Writing that Transcends Place
Our lives are a trip, within as well as without. To document the journey, writing will be your lens. The goal of this workshop is to enable you to find your path, write your passion, and create a pilgrimage volume—a legacy to your love affair with the world—even if you go no further than your own backyard.

Self-editing Your Own Work
The raw work: You’ve written several drafts, rewritten one of them, and rewritten again. Now, you want to take your work to the next phase. Learn to self-edit your manuscript so the agent or editor is pulled into the flow of both content and language. The goal of this workshop is to enable you to detail your final submission so it sails smoothly.

Affirmative Journaling
Learn to motivate and inspire yourself and your dreams using just a few minutes a day. Set yourself on a journey to clarify your dreams and reach them by reaching deeper within yourself. By exercising the power of your own imagination and the magic of writing, you can change the way you think—and change your life, creating your own experience.

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Coaching is not a substitution for mental health or other professional services.

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