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Marlee helped me
to have faith in
myself again. Her
beautiful attitude
has changed my
whole feeling
about myself.”


GoGirl Coach
Marlee LeDai: Life’s a Twister!

Marlee LeDai
I am a Kansas girl from a small prairie town where proper white houses line brick streets. One dark and stormy night, my dad scooped me up and, following Mother to the basement, we huddled. Listening for hours until the whoosh of a tornado passed by, I fell in love with life as adventure.

In search of my own, I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and started down a colorful road. Working at a study center in the Swiss Alps, a homeless refuge in England, a B&B in Austria and a peanut farm in Israel I mastered the art of pilgrimage. Travel and pathos also drew me to Third World places where I developed appreciation for the strength and spirituality of women’s lives everywhere.

GoGirl Coach
I married, began writing, and then raised little girls who I call “The Three Graces.” As editor of a nationally-distributed magazine for women, my interest in women’s culture developed and became a passion. Several mid-life derailments—including divorce, single parenting teenagers and caring for elderly parents—propelled me to regroup and redefine my bliss. I trained with the International Coaching Federation-accredited NLP and Coaching Institute of California, and conceived GoGirl Coach.

“The body itself
is a screen
To shield and
partially reveal
The light that’s
Inside your

Celaleddin Rumi
Trained also in the Art of Spiritual Discernment through the Sacred Art of Living Center in Bend, Oregon, I serve on the board of Freedom in the Son International, a non-profit organization with a mission to mentor women transitioning from incarceration into local communities. The needs of disenfranchised women are an essential part of what I care about.

As a writing coach and teacher at Writers.com, I enjoy helping authors-to-be develop their voice and their work. Having published more than 25 books and 200 magazine/web articles, my enthusiasm for the spirited stories of women is the energy behind GoGirl Coach and its theme: over the rainbow, not the hill.

Patina of Grace
No stranger to life’s bumpy, twisted roads—yellow brick or not—I am a believer in the beautiful patina of grace created over time and with each experience. That’s why I indulge my joy for gypsy dance, two cuddly granddaughters, and restoring a 100-year-old cottage where I’m reinventing romance with my husband, Chip O’Brien. Are you also one of those who, when the going gets rough, see Adventure (notice the capital A?) instead of difficulty? Then join me; let’s stir mind and heart into life’s latte and hit the road together. Together, we’ll unearth the nerve to rewrite the script and come home to ourselves.

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Coaching is not a substitution for mental health or other professional services.

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