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“Marlee knows how to turn the ordinary into the sacred. Her work is a road map so the rest of us can find our way all the way home.”

“Marlee is a wonderful coach! She has an intuitive ability that leads people well in her conversational style.”

“Marlee is a warm facilitator, creating a safe and inspiring corner. I feel like the cardinals that come to peck at my birdfeeder—always getting a treat and stealing away.”

GoGirl Coach

GoGirl Coach: the Process and the Promise

Expect to observe and reflect. You’re the star, so get smart. Take heart. Come face to face with the courage that’s already at work in you. Do you have a gutsy vision? Yearn to try your wings? Want to tap your juice and imagination?

Together, we’ll engage intense, positive emotions to kick-start the process of getting you where you want to be—and we’ll have fun doing it. What’s holding you back? Fear? No worries. This isn’t boot camp. We’re about to strut.

Buckle on, tie up, or slip into your red shoes. I’ll meet you on the yellow brick road.

Coaching services are available by telephone, in person, or via email.

FREE 30 minute consultation with no obligation. Click here.
Individual coaching as needed
Monthly coaching packages
Three and six month packages with discount
Online coaching
Teleconference group coaching
Free teleconference mini-workshops each season 

Once you’ve received your complimentary consultation and made the decision to proceed with GoGirl Coach, we’ll start with a one-hour creative direction session. During this time we’ll begin to clarify what you really, really want, and design our partnership to get you there.

Are there glitches, road blocks and impossible places on your yellow brick road? This meeting is designed to answer that question with perspective—plus a foundation upon which to formulate customized questions, bright ideas and tangible intentions as our alliance continues.

Contact Marlee for a free 30 minute consultation

Coaching is not a substitution for mental health or other professional services.

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