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“Marlee is a professional.
She combines
expertise with
mystique and
offers provocative questions. A must-
have coach with
can-do spirit and inspiration!”


“Marlee’s words
of wisdom, experience, and encouragement
have given me a
boost of enthusiasm as well as a
realistic picture
of what is ahead.
I feel ready to


GoGirl CoachRaley Quote
"I want every woman to love her life. I want to make myself available in her creative process toward living with poise and panache, experiencing that foibles, flaws and even failures fit—alongside everything that’s fabulous."

About the GoGirl Process
Exercise your option for beautiful changes. GoGirl Coach is a relationship designed to facilitate your own co-creation of life experience. It is not about advice, therapy or direction. It is about living your questions, finding your voice and trusting the presence of Grace in the process.

Are you ready to …
fuel energy and ideas?
get unstuck, or minimize stress?
write a book?
meet the love of your life?
engage a more fulfilling job?

Do you want to …
transcend limitations?
be done with mundane habits?
dig deeper to access your latent spiritual wisdom?

Are you wondering what’s possible?

GoGirl Coach is an investment in yourself and your spirited possibilities. Together, through a process of artful inquiry and focused reflection, we …
define what you really, really want.
identify what may be holding you back.
plot a path forward that’s consistent with your personal style—making certain it’s juicy for you.

GoGirl Coach is a mirror that reveals to you the best things about yourself. By validating your gifts and experience, we also honor your flaws, foibles and even failures because they make up the rich garden of who you are.

Why not head over the rainbow instead of the hill?
Reinvent Dorothy. Reinvent yourself.

Contact Marlee for a free 30 minute consultation

Classic fairy tales and twentieth-century film have showcased red shoes to explore the concept of feminine adventure and energy. Since the second millennium, a renaissance of red in haute couture and popular footwear has revolutionized the urban street. Although some venues twisted the image, red shoes remain inherently an explicit mythic metaphor for a woman’s poise, purpose and power.

Rediscover the potency of your own possibility.

~ In your 30s, assess goals and strategies to live your dream.
~ In your 40s, coalesce inner resources and move with knowing through peri-menopause.
~ In your 50s, go gutsy: release energy reserved for a burst of productivity and mystique.
~ In your 60s —the cocktail hour of life—dress up and throw a party: travel beyond borders, participate in a mission, write your life story.
~ Seventy and beyond? Live as if life itself were the lover, for truly, it is!

When with the years, physical, emotional and spiritual changes occur, use them as momentum to head over the rainbow instead of the hill. GoGirl Coach is the place to put on your red shoes, get soulful and stay spirited. Identify your passions, clarify your dreams—and start after them in “haute” pursuit.

Coaching is not a substitution for mental health or other professional services.

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